Monday, July 2, 2012

Welcome to Summer Orientation

Welcome, Freshmen, to The University of Scranton and to Summer Orientation 2012!  Our campus is buzzing with activity as the first group of new students begins the process of transitioning to life at Scranton.  It's an exciting time for everyone but it's only the beginning of our work together!  I will be updating our blog weekly throughout your first year at Scranton to provide you with information to ease the transition to college and to provide you with direction regarding majors and careers.  There's a lot to cover so let's get started!

What to Expect at Orientation

During orientation, you will have at least three opportunities to work with an advisor: Group Advising, Individual Advising and Walk-in Hours. 

Group Advising

First, you will have a group advising session with other students in your major.  During this session, an advisor will gather more information regarding your interests and background, explain how to read your schedule, will explain the catalog and general education curriculum and will begin to help you understand the requirements of your major or undecided program.  There will be time for you to ask questions. 

Individual Advising

All students are required to meet individually with an advisor.  These meetings take place in the Academic Advising Center.  For College of Arts and Sciences students, the Advising Center is located at 600 Linden Street.  At this meeting, you will discuss your schedule, any transfer or AP credit you have earned and your placement test results.  You can change your schedule at this time if you wish.  This is an excellent time to begin discussing your academic and career goals. 

Walk-in Hours

On the second day of orientation, from 1-4:30pm, you can walk-in to further discuss your academic concerns.  Academic advisors will be waiting to talk to you!

This is Only the Beginning

Orientation is just the start of our work together.  Your academic advisors are available all summer to answer your questions or discuss your plans.  You may change your schedule up until the end of the first week of classes!

Katie Robinson
CAS Academic Advisor

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