Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Deep Breath Before the Plunge

Bella, the unofficial CAS AAC mascot, dives in!

Take a Deep Breath!
It's been a busy semester but Easter Break is finally here and you are off to spend a few days with friends and family, kicking back and enjoying some well deserved R&R!  Take some time to rejuvenate yourself and to destress.  With final exams starting on Monday, May 14--only a little more than a  month away--this might be your last chance to put your feet up for awhile!

Get Ready to Dive In!
In the shadow of midterm grades, you may be facing academic uncertainty and feeling a strong desire to improve your grades or may be well pleased with your performance and eager to maintain your success. Either way, final exams can be critical to the outcome of your semester and freshman year!  Therefore, in between Easter Egg Hunts, it might be wise to take some time to view the final exam schedule and to identify a study plan that will enable you to keep your head above water into the next month.  Consider the following questions in determining your final exam prep plan:
  • Do you have your most challenging exams on the same day?  
  • Will your workload be most intense during the beginning of the week or at the end?  
  • How much breathing room do you have in between exams?   
  • Are your finals comprehensive or just like any other test?  
  • How do you intend to prepare? Write down what specific tasks you will need to perform to prepare for each exam (For example: reread Chapters 7-12, make and study flash cards, write test questions, master vocabulary, learn the Krebs get the idea!)  The more you can break it down, the more you can plan your study time!

Have a Plan to Keep Your Head Above Water!
Once you have identified what tasks you will need to perform in each class to ace your finals, plan which days you will dedicate to each task.  Everyone has a preferred method for future planning, but I recommend writing it on a monthly calendar or in your daily planner.  You can even print a calendar offline for free!  Here's one for both April and May!  If you start this early, you won't have to do much every day and even if the content of your course doesn't lend itself to exam prep a month ahead, you will have a clear idea of how many hours you will need to devote in the weeks leading up to exams.  Also, identify if any tasks or classes will be a particular challenge for you.  Seek tutoring and talk to your professors to optimize your performance!

Seek Support to Stay Afloat!
  • Identify if any tasks or classes will be a particular challenge for you.  Seek tutoring and talk to your professors to optimize your performance!
  • Set up study groups or identify a classmate to prepare with you.
  • Come to The CAS Advising Center for help with study planning, skill and to connect with resources!

Katie Robinson
CAS Academic Advisor

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