Friday, April 27, 2012

Managing the Aftermath of Registration

In the CAS Advising Center, the dust is finally settling after freshmen registration.  Last week, I provided some general advice regarding the process but now I would like to talk about some specific issues that arose and what you can do if you are affected!  My advice is usually the same:  contact the advising center!  However, here is the breakdown of some common registration concerns at this time.  It’s not all inclusive so just because you don’t see your concern, doesn’t mean we can’t help you!


"HELP!  I'm panicking because I can't get the course I want!!!


The class I want is “Reserve Closed” even though there are still seats!


Seats are reserved in some classes to allow specific majors the opportunity to enroll in them.  However, these reserves officially come off on Monday, April 30!  At this time you should be able to register for the course if there are open seats remaining.  If you have difficulty registering for a reserved course on or after April 30, contact the CAS Advising Center!  As long as there are seats, we can help you register for the course.  

I didn’t get my biology or chemistry!          

Many science majors, particularly those pursuing the biological sciences have incomplete schedules at this time.  Registration for Organic Chemistry was a little challenging for some.  Also, a number of sections of biology courses filled even before the start of freshmen registration and others, such as BIOL 241, were in high demand because they were not writing intensive.  If you were unable to get a biology course please know that we are aware of the situation and are working to address it.  

At this point I recommend you:

  • Contact the CAS Advising Center as soon as possible to let us know that you did not get a biology course.  When you contact us, we will place you on the “wish list” for the course.  We will use the list not only to match any open seats with the students that need them but also to inform the Dean and the department chair about student needs.  There are no guarantees but sometimes, if there is need, departments can open new sections of courses. 
  • Stay calm!  I know how stressful it is to not have a complete schedule right now, but we are absolutely here to help.  Your PIN is activated until the end of the first week of the Fall Semester.  If you get on the “wish list” both you and an advisor can keep looking for classes to open up throughout the summer.  Remember, not everyone who is currently planning to take biology or chemistry courses will stay enrolled in them.  Also, new sections occasionally open if there is enough need.  By the time the semester starts, you will definitely have a biology course and an organic chemistry on your schedule, even if you don’t get your first choice.  However, we can’t help you if you don’t ask us to, so don’t forget to contact the advising center!

I’m a CJ major but I couldn’t get into the recommended courses!

This is a common situation for CJ majors.  While the catalog recommends that you complete specific courses such as Research Methods, American Policing and The American Court System during your first semester of sophomore year, many students are unable to register for them until a later semester.  That is perfectly acceptable as long as you have made sure to register for one or two other criminal justice courses.  If you were unable to find suitable alternatives, contact the advising center and we can help!

The class I want is closed but the professor said I could be “written in”...

It is very uncommon for a student to be added to a closed course.  Ordinarily, a professor’s permission is not enough to get an override into a course.  Usually, there are a number of people awaiting a seat in a closed course so it would be unfair to place someone into a closed course ahead of them.  Beyond considerations of fairness, permission is not enough because often a course is closed because of issues with physical space or contracts.  However, if you would like a closed course, let us know and we will place you on the “wish list”!

My account is still on hold and I haven’t registered yet!! HELP!!!

I realize this is an incredibly stressful situation but don’t forget we are here to help!  It is never preferable to register late, but it definitely does not mean you won’t be able to get the classes you need.  You can try to register yourself with your PIN or you can come by the advising center for assistance.  You may not get an optimal schedule, free from morning or evening courses, but we will help you get classes. 

Katie Robinson
CAS Academic Advisor

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