Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Academic Difficulty

At this point in the semester, you should have a fairly good feel for your class schedule and probably have had a few tests or quizzes.  You have been completing assignments and attending classes for a month at this point.  With all this under your belt, you may be feeling confident about your academic abilities.  However, what do you do if things aren't going so well?

Ask for help:

From your faculty:

The first step you should take if you are struggling in a course is to seek help!  The staff and faculty are all eager to assist you.  Discuss your concerns with your professor.  He or she has likely heard it all before and has seen students succeed and fail many times.  Your professor is an excellent resource for study strategies.  Generally speaking, professors look much more kindly upon the struggling student that seeks help than the student who seems unconcerned about poor academic performance.   When grades are calculated, sometimes it helps if your professor has witnessed you making a genuine effort.

From your advisor:

The advising staff in the CAS Advising Center can often help you troubleshoot your academic difficulties or can help you determine what your next move should be.  We are aware of resources that you can take advantage of and have experience helping freshmen successfully transition to college.  We love talking to students and helping them get on the right track.  Stop by and see us!!!

From CTLE:

The staff of the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence can assist you in a multitude of ways.   They can provide you with tutors or help you to become a better reader.  CTLE is also responsible for providing disability services.  The staff of the Writing Center can review your writing to help you improve your papers.  The students who perform the best at Scranton are usually the ones who avail themselves of these services.  Visit their website to learn how they can help you succeed!!

What if Nothing is Working?!

So what if you have tried all these things and you are still performing badly in a class?  Or what if you hate the class and can't face attending it even one more time?  Come and talk to an academic advisor about your options!  Today, Wednesday, September 24, 2014 is the last day to drop a course without a grade. If you drop a course at this point, it will not appear on your transcript and will not be calculated into your GPA.  If you drop between September 25 and November 10, you will receive a "W" for the course.  An advisor can help you decide what the right option for you is.

If you decide to drop the course, you will have to obtain a drop form from the CAS Advising Center, get the signature of your professor and Mrs. Butler, the Assistant Dean by 4:30 September 24.  This can be a time consuming process so don't delay if you believe you want to drop.

As always, we are here to answer your questions.  Stop in, call or email!

Katie Robinson
CAS Academic Advisor

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