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Although it may seem like the semester has only just begun, it’s time to start planning your Intersession and Spring 2015 class schedule!  Freshmen register for classes online on Friday, November 21.  You will need a PIN for registration. You will meet with an advisor between October 6 and November 20 to get your course selections approved and obtain your PIN.  By now you should have picked up a letter telling you when your appointment will be.   Call Mrs. Burke at 570-941-6323 to reschedule if your appointment time doesn’t work! Preparing for that appointment can feel a little overwhelming but read on for tips for a successful pre-registration!


Preparing for Pre-Registration

  • Pick up your appointment letter in the CAS Advising Center in STT 209 (You should have done this by now!)
  • Attend a Pre-Registration Information meeting.  Contact your department chair to find out when these meetings will take place.  If you do not have a major, come to the CAS Advising Center to sign up for a time. 
  • Fill out the Planning Guide for Spring Registration which you received when you got your appointment time.  Bring this with you to your meeting.
  • Look at the online catalog, especially the section for your major, and compare it to your CAPP sheet to determine what courses you need to stay on track for your major.  Click here or come to advising for help reading your CAPP!
  • Completely fill out your Course Registration Form by accessing the Online Course Search to determine the CRNs and section numbers for the specific times and professors you want for each of your courses.  This is what a completed course registration form should look like!

  • Don’t forget:  If you are registering for BIOL 111 & 111L, BIOL 142 &142L, CHEM 113 & 113L or WRTG 106, you must register for the same section you currently have for the prior course!

Seeing is believing! 


If you are more of a visual person, we have a short video designed to help you get the most out of the course search process!  It explains how to prepare for your appointment and navigate the course search like a pro! Click here to view it!

But I don't like my major...

It’s not uncommon for a first year student at this point in the semester to feel dissatisfied with his or her first major choice.  Maybe…

  • You find your major is not what you expected;
  • You have discovered that you love another subject area much more;
  • You find your major is not the best match for your abilities;
  • You don’t like the career options directly related to this major.

It’s perfectly normal to change your major or to explore other options in the spring semester.  You can discuss this with your advisor during your pre-registration appointment but you don’t have to wait that long…come to the CAS Advising Center and we can help you consider your options!

But I don't have a major!! How am I supposed to pick classes?!

If you have explored areas which you have enjoyed but are not sure if you want to major in them, it's OK to continue exploring them by taking the next logical class.  You can figure out which class to take next either by consulting the plan for that major in the catalog or by asking an advisor.  You can also completely abandon the majors you have explored and try new things.  An advisor can help you determine how best to explore other majors.

If you have no idea what appeals to you, it makes sense to start off by figuring out what majors are available to you.  Here is a complete list of majors offered at the University of Scranton! 

If you feel completely lost, we are here to help!  You can work one on one or take advantage of one of the programs available to you!  You can participate in an undecided student workshop designed to help you determine your interests, values and skills and how those unique traits intersect with majors and careers.  You can work with an advisor or you can receive personal career counseling through a number of avenues.  Just let us know how to help!

Katie Robinson
CAS Academic Advisor


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